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I didn’t have a need to go again until sometime in my 20’s after a car accident. I was told that if the whiplash wasn’t taken care of then, it would come back 20 years later. I totally dismissed the whole idea. Now I’m convinced he was telling the truth. I’ve always had good relief from treatments, but when my fibromyalgia really kicked in, it seemed like I needed treatment after treatment. Nothing ever seemed to “hold”. Any time I did something out of the ordinary, I paid for it by having so much body pain, that I had to go to the Culver City Chiropractic Clinic for an adjustment. It just seemed like a vicious cycle that wouldn’t end.

But is spinal inversion safe? In the past the biggest concern was the chance of having a stroke. But according to Robert Teeter one of the pioneers in this field in his twenty-five years of research he has not heard of one case of a stroke being caused by inversion therapy. Of course you should always check with your doctor first. For many people spinal decompression may be the number one treatment for relieving their back pain. It has been proven to be effective and risk free.

Yes, your drug may help with heart disease, but it isn’t fixing the problem. Yes, orthotics may temporary relieve your foot pain, but it isn’t fixing the problem. What fixes the problem? Getting enough sleep, eating correctly, and exercising is the only way to Lifetime Wellness. Proper mobility and rehabilitation work for the latter. And getting off the hard surfaces and standing in one spot all day.

What this does is allows the discs in your back to get a rest from the pressure you’ve subjected them to. It’s a little bit like being able to rejuvenate the shocks in your car. When the car is raised on a lift, the wheels hang down freely, taking pressure off the shock absorbers (the discs in this example).